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We bring the fun to you… once we’ve parked & secured the bus, the fitness & Birthday Party begins!

We currently service the Kitchener-Waterloo areas.
A surcharge applies to other regions. Please contact us for availability and more information.

Watch this 70 second video of one of our birthday parties. We love the excitement, laughter and enjoyment that the children experience!

“I never want this party to end in 100 years!”
– Quote from a 10 year child at the party

Standard Package includes $190 + tax:

One hour party
Up to 15 children ($10 each additional child)
Two instructors on the bus

NOTE: We will be taking pictures throughout and will send you a link the first or second week after the party where you can download or share your pictures with family and friends. Feel free to take your own pictures from the front of the bus.


Q: What are the age ranges?

A: Perfect age range: walking toddlers (about 2 years old) to age 10. We can cater the activities to the age range of the children, though this is most effective if the children are all of the same age range. If they are different age ranges, it is best to divide the group into two smaller groups for 30mins programs.

NOTE: Children MUST be able to walk on their own and must be willing to be on the bus on their own. See the section: Are parents allowed on the Bus?

Q: My children are between 8-10 years of age, and are very athletic. Will they be too old or too mature for the bus?

A: NO. We host MANY parties for children in this age range and children with varying athletic abilities. We cater the activities and challenges to the age group and abilities of the children. All of the parents who asked this question have all been pleasantly surprised that their children not only LOVED the bus, but were very engaged and couldn’t get enough of the bus. In fact, at events and festivals where we allow children older than age 10, it is the 8-13 year olds who return the most often and want to stay on the bus the longest!

Q: Are parents allowed on the bus?

A: To ensure we have maximum space on the bus for the children and the activities and so every child can have the best and most fun experience during our programming, we require parents to stay out of the play area of the bus to minimize disruption. We welcome parents at the front of the bus in the drivers seat area at all times.

Many parents really appreciate this time to themselves or to allow them to prepare for other parts of the party. Parents even book the bus specifically for these reasons!

Q: What does a typical party look like?

A: We always have two instructors on board to lead the activities and to supervise on the equipment. A typical party:

Starts with a fun warm up to prepare the children for tumbling and other fun fitness/gymnastics activities
A circuit around the bus to use the equipment, example, monkey bars, balance beam, tumbling ramp, ball pit, slide and much more.
One or two fun games, depending on time
Zip lining on the bus into the ball pit
Cool down and happy birthday song for the birthday child (with presentation of a t-shirt and/or medal if requested)

Q: Do you work in the winter too?

A: Yes we do! Rain, shine, summer, winter. Our bus is equipped with air conditioning for the summer and heat for the winter. We have had kids in -20 degrees celsius and up to 35 degrees celsius. We have had kids on the bus under a hail storm and rain storm!

Q: How far in advanced do we have to book?

A: We are typically booked at least one month in advanced. Sometimes we have parents needing to reschedule so it is best to contact us with some potential dates.

Q: What equipment will be on the bus? Can I choose what I want on the bus for my party?

A: We can only list a SAMPLE of our most popular equipment, as there are too many to list, and it doesn’t mean they will or can be all offered at your party. We like to change different items on the bus every so often to provide some variety and excitement for the children. We have had many children who have been to more than a handful of our birthday parties now!

There are 3 main reasons for selection of our equipment:
1) Feasibility: As much as we we would to be able to allow parents and kids to choose the equipment, it is not feasible as we do many parties in one day from morning to evening. It is not possible for us to change equipment for every party as sometimes the items are too big and we do not have the ability nor time to transport the different pieces of equipment to and from the bus in between parties/events.
2) Health: We clean, vacuum and disinfect the bus before and/or after every day’s work. Sometimes we even clean in between bookings, for example an event where 700 kids have passed through the bus and we are booked for a birthday party next, we will clean on route to the party. Items like the ball pit will be replaced with the crash pad every so often, e.g. during winter months there is more of a concern about spreading germs. With more kids with more colds and runny noses in the winter, it becomes more challenging for us to ensure the balls in the ball pit are sanitized at all times. Therefore, at times we will switch up the crash pad and ball pit as the crash pad is more manageable and more hygienic.
3) Safety: Next to the FUN factor, we take very seriously the safety of the children on the bus. We always have at minimum 2 staff on the bus to supervise. Our staff cannot be at all places at once. Therefore, we try to minimize the number of areas that are required for supervision at any one time yet ensuring the kids can still have the excitement and fun and be safe.

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